We wanna make sure you're feeling comfy with both our Auto-Billing and our Packages features, so we have some handy notes in this article to make sure you're using them the best you can for your business. 🙌

Here's a quick rundown on Packages:

  • You can sell packages online during the booking process
  • You can sell packages on the client's checkout screen, or you can use the Quick Checkout feature
  • You specify how many sessions are associated with a package
  • You can create as many packages as you need
  • You can establish an expiration date or make them available forever
  • When you check out a client for their visit, you will manually decrement one of their package sessions
  • You can choose whether the package applies to service, class, or workshop bookings

Here's a glimpse into Auto-Billing for services: 

  • This is not available online, so you will need to set this up on your end
  • You can enter and store a client's card to be charged every month and re-up their services
  • You establish how many services they get per month
  • You set how many months the client will be charged, or set it to go on forever. One auto-billing subscription can be created for all services in your account— as opposed to the ability to create several different packages
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