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What are Suggested Services?
What are Suggested Services?

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Want to start offering a 15 minute sauna as an add-on for your massage clients? Or want to promote a new facial you've just started offering?

The Suggested Services—part of our Unlimited Plan—are a super slick way to promote those special services to your clients when they book online! Essentially, you can select the services you'd like for us to suggest to your clients, and we'll promote them on your listing for you:

If you'd like to get the ball rolling with those suggested services, you'll first want to make sure you have our Unlimited Plan enabled. From there, you can set up suggested services using these steps:

  1. Navigate to Marketing and click on the "Promotions" tile

  2. You'll land directly onto the Suggested Services tab

  3. Click "Add Service"

  4. Choose the service you'd like to promote from your list of services

  5. You'll see that service is added to your list of suggested services with full analytics by month as well as by year 💥 

Once you walk through those steps, your clients will see that service listed as "suggested" on your business listing when they book online! 

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