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When and where will I receive my deposit?

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You've charged your client, now learn when to expect that deposit will make it into your bank account, as well as when you'll get your Clearent statement with all the details!

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Where are my funds being deposited?

Funds received using Schedulicity's built-in payment processor will be deposited into the bank account entered during the application. If you have questions about the bank account your funds are going to, feel free to contact support. πŸ‘

When will I receive my deposits?

Deposits are made on a next day (EMF) or standard 2 day funding schedule. Feel free to reach out to support at if you're not sure what schedule you are setup with.

Batches close at 9:30 PM CST. Also, as a heads up, banks are also closed on major holidays and your deposits will resume normal deposit schedules after the banks are open again.

  • All Legacy Schedulicity Pay users may be on the standard 2 day funding schedule.

How will I know how much will be deposited into my account?

Each morning, at 7am MST, an automated email will be sent out to you outlining the amount to be deposited in your bank account. The amount will be the total of the credit card sales processed in that batch, minus the associated processing fees or any chargebacks.

When will I get my statement?

We understand that staying in the know on your statements, with all of the ins and outs, is huge for your business! Statements are generated between the 5th and the 8th of each month and mailed out your way by then as well.

If any any questions pop up once you receive your statement, check out this handy link to help clarify any tricky business terms and walk through the details of your statement here:

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