What is Schedulicity's built-in payment processor and how do I get started?

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With Schedulicity's built-in payment processing, we've untangled the complexity that comes with most payment processors. From booking appointments to collecting payments, we've got you covered all in one place.

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What is Schedulicity's built-in payment processor?

We have one low credit card processing rate of 3.0% + $.15. That's it: no hidden fees, no contracts, and no exceptions. All major credit cards are accepted at all of the same exact rate, from Visa to American Express and everything between.

Additionally, we have flexible check-out options to help you accept tips, add inventory, customize your prices, and add discounts or taxes. You're allowed to decide when you check out as well – from prepay to deposit to at the time of booking. We have a slick pay-by-text or scan by QR for contactless, for your clients too!

We take security seriously, with air-tight security measures that are continuously monitored and optimized to ensure that your business and personal data are safe. We achieve this with PCI compliance and secure, tokenized transactions that retains essential info while remaining safe from any potential breeches.

*Currently available in the U.S.

How do I apply for built-in payment processing?

If all that sounds great and you're ready to get rolling with our built-in payment processor, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! We've designed our onboarding process so that it's smooth sailing in order to get you ready to charge cards at our awesome low rate. β›΅

Before diving in, you'll wanna first ensure you have the Unlimited Plan, which is needed to enable payment. Not a member of Schedulicity yet? No problem – you can join here to get started. Either way, you'll want to keep the following items in mind:

  • You'll want to gather your tax ID number, Social Security number, banking account info, and business sales and product information.

  • Payment processors don't communicate, so any credit cards you have collected within your previous payment processor will not be passed over to your new one. This will give you a fresh start with your new processor! πŸ’Έβœ¨

When you're ready to rock, here's what you can expect from signing up.

Start Application

  1. Click on the three-line menu in the upper left, and open the Payments area in the Schedulicity dashboard

  2. Select the "Built-in Payment Processor" tab

  3. On this page, click on the "Start Application" button to get started!

From here, you can expect to go through a few pages during the sign-up process:

  1. On the first page, we'll simply ask you a few questions: your first and last name, and the type of ownership you have in your business. Additionally, if you're a co-owner of your business, we'll ask how much of a stake you have in your business.

  2. On the second page, you'll see a preview of some pre-filled information from your Schedulicity account, including your business name and mailing address. If all is good, go to the next step! Otherwise, click on "Edit Information" to adjust as needed.

  3. The third page will ask for some additional business information, including your mailing address and some personal information to verify your identity. Not to worry; Schedulicity doesn't store this in any way!

  4. Page four is devoted to your banking information. Make sure to double check your information to ensure that your money is going to the right place! πŸ’Έ

  5. After your banking information, you'll need to enter some information about the type of business you have, an estimate of the average annual volume of credit card sales, the type of services and products you offer, as well as your refund policy.

  6. After that, you'll see a series of pages asking you to sign any agreements that we offer. You'll want to read these carefully, for sure. πŸ”

  7. Once the signatures are finished, your payment application will be completed!

From there, we'll submit your application to Clearent, who is our processing partner for our Built-in Payment Processor. You should be approved quickly, though, if more information is needed, we will reach out so we can get you all set!

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