Our Automated Marketing Option is an amazing tool if you're ready to step up your game. It includes automated Birthday, Follow up, Re-Engagement and Thank You messages, Client Push Notifications for mobile app users, Suggested Service advertising, and some sweet Analytics! Once you've set up the details of your automatic emails, you can sit back and relax. 😎

Here are some more details on each of those features: 

1. Automated Email Messages

With a "set and forget" foundation, customize each message type you want to use and then forget about them, trusting that we'll send them out for you. We don't want you to forget how much work is being done without you lifting a finger, though, so we'll remind you with a weekly email, summarizing these messages' performance. Once the messages are set up, they'll begin sending out automatically from our system! Check out the full details of when those messages get sent out, here.

2. Suggested Services

Highlight up to three services that will be suggested to clients during the online booking process. These services will show up on the booking screen, encouraging clients to add those services to their visit. Plus, you'll have great analytics right on the Promotions page so you can swap those services out until you find the hottest sellers!

3. Client Push Notifications

If your clients use our scheduling app (which they should, it's amazing), they can opt-in to receive push notifications. Then, you have the option of whether or not you'd like your automated messages to go out just as emails or as emails and push notifications. Whoa!

4. And did we mention Analytics?!

Now you can see exactly how well your marketing is working! All your emails will have performance trackers with a monthly and yearly book rate! You can see how well your suggested services and products are doing under your Promotions tab and you can see just how well your deals do in the Deal Manager! And don't forget the weekly email we'll send, summarizing your automated message performance. 

How much does the Automated Marketing feature cost?

We're offering this awesome feature for $25/month for businesses who have from 1 to 5 providers and $50/month for 6 providers and up. All you'll need to do is a little bit of set up and then sit back and watch those bookings roll in!

To get things rolling, check out these areas of the Marketing Menu: Email Marketing, Deal Manager, and Promotions. 

If you want to check out a great visual, here's a five minute video.

And as always, holler with any and all questions so we can help in making sure you're squeezing every last drop of goodness out of this awesome option! 

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