Shoot, sorry to hear of the no-show! Not to worry, we've got you covered. If a client misses their appointment or cancels at the last minute, you can mark their appointment with a no show. This does two things: one, it decreases the client's reliability rating for online booking and two, if you have enabled Hold With a Credit Card for that service, you can charge that client a no-show fee if you want to. 

First things first, here's how to mark that client as a no-show:

  1. Click on the appointment to open the details page
  2. Toggle the no show option at the top right to "yes"

If a client didn't show up for a class, here's how to mark them as a no-show:

  1. Open the class roster and click "..." to the right of the client's name
  2. Select the "no show" option
  3. A frowny face will appear next to their name on the roster, meaning they've been marked as a no show

If your service or class requires a credit card to book and the client booked online, you will have the option to charge their card on file right after you hit "no show.

Now if you are not seeing an option to charge the client there could be a few reasons why. 

  • One, the service or class doesn't use Hold with a Credit Card so the client wasn't prompted to enter in his or her card to book that session.
  • Or two, the service or class was booked on the business side. If the service isn’t marked as Hold with a Credit Card and there's a card on file for that client, you can use the Payment add-on to charge them. Just hit the “checkout” button from the appointment details page or class roster.  
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