There are several ways to easily decrement a package for a client! 

  • When you check a client in from a class or workshop roster using the little client icon with a checkmark, their package will be automatically decremented by one session. 
  • If you are viewing the details of a service, class or workshop, you can also select “checkout” to manually apply a package to a visit by clicking the three vertical dots next to the price.
  • If a client has already used a few of their sessions, and you want to decrement these in Schedulicity, head to the client's profile. Under the “Active Packages" header, select the menu icon to the right of the number of sessions left in the package. Then choose to use a session for it to be decremented from  the package or choose edit to modify the remaining sessions.

If your client doesn’t have a package yet, you can add that in the Checkout workflow and even collect their payment using our Payment Add-on! 

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