If you would like to view your full week from your mobile device, we've got you! You'll be able to see 7 days at a time by rotating your phone to landscape mode when you're looking at the appointment calendar. This will pull up the full week for you to view!

If you're using the full site of Schedulicity (www.schedulicity.com) instead of one of our apps, you can also head over to your Dashboard, where you'll find today's schedule laid out. In addition, you'll see the option to view the "Next 7 Days," which will pull up your schedule for the week as a list. You can click right on any of these appointments to view the details or make changes if you need!

Another option is to check out a bird's-eye view of your week. On the appointment calendar from the full site, you'll find the option to zoom in and out by using the magnifying glass icons at the bottom left of the screen. If you zoom out, you'll be able to see at a glance when you have an activity scheduled and can easily click on a day/time to zoom in and see the details of what you have going on.

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