Appointment scheduling app for business users

We haven't forgotten you, Android friends! As an Android user, you can download the "Schedulicity Business" app icon from the Google Play store (just search Schedulicity), or simply navigate to on your phone's internet browser. You'll be able to book appointments and manage client information on the go from there. 

Appointment scheduling app for clients

We now have a client app for Android users! Clients can book, rebook, reschedule and cancel appointments, classes and workshops right from their phone or tablet!  On Androids, they can head to the Google Play Store and search for Schedulicity. There will be two results displayed, a business one and a client one. Clients can select the white one titled “Schedulicity” to start booking appointments with you!  

If you are using both the business and client apps on Android, the below image is a great way to tell the difference between the two apps as well. Check it out! 👇

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