If you ever need to update just one day on your calendar, or if you want to add extra availability, or otherwise adjust a single day, here's how you can do that right from your Appointment Calendar:

  1. Open your Appointment Calendar and you'll find a gear icon at the top right corner of the screen. This is what you can use to edit your schedule on the fly or adjust one day in particular!
  2. Click on this icon to adjust the start/end time of your days, and even mark them as Out completely (or to open a day you don't normally work!)
  3. Hitting save will immediately adjust your work schedule for only those days you have edited.

I want to mention that any changes you make directly on the calendar in this way will trump your recurring schedule, which was set up under Settings. This means that if you close out a weekend for your birthday, and then later specify within your recurring schedule that you work Saturdays, your birthday weekend will still be marked as "out."

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