It's a great idea to check your clients in when they show up for class and/or workshop sessions! This way, you can keep track of their attendance! 

If you would like to check in clients as they show up for the day’s class or workshop session, this can be done through the following steps in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Select the Classes icon on the left-hand side (it will be the book icon)
  2. Select the class or workshop whose session you’d like to check clients in
  3. Select the checkmark icon to the right of the client’s name and they will now be checked in!

You can also mark clients who don't show up as no-shows, as well!

If our Package feature is enabled on your account, you'll notice that a package deal can be automatically decremented just by checking a client in. If the client has just one package deal, this package deal will be automatically subtracted and if the client has multiple packages, you'll get to choose which one to use! Sweet! These options will pop up automatically when that check mark is chosen √

Also, if the Payment feature is enabled, you'll see a green checkout button next to your enrolled client. You can click this button to pull up a checkout window, which lets you charge the client for the class, or even charge for a package if your client hasn't purchased one yet! Groovy! 😊

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