I'm so glad you asked! New businesses are not automatically live in Schedulicity's Marketplace search results. We wanted to give you the time to get things set up and ready for business before venturing out into the wild! Here's how you can check if your business is showing in the Marketplace:

  1. Head to the Marketing area and click on the Business Listing tile

  2. If you're not quite live yet, you'll see this message 👇

When you're ready, you'll wanna enable the Unlimited Plan, which will not only add your business to Schedulicity's ever-growing Marketplace but will also allow you as many bookings as you can get each month!

Check out these steps to get things rolling:

  1. Click on the three-line menu in the upper left and select My Plan 🚀

  2. Enter in your billing info then select "Manage Plan" from across the top

  3. Select Unlimited Bookings Plus, hit "save," and confirm the change to your subscription price

From there, you can make your business live with these steps:

  1. Open Marketing and click on the Business Listing tile

  2. Click the "Display In Search Results" button next to "your listing does not appear in the search results"

If you'd like, you can hide your business from the Schedulicity Marketplace. Give this a shot: 

  1. Go to the Marketing tab and click on the Business Listing tile

  2. Select "Remove From Search Results"

  3. Opt to "Hide Listing"

So long as you have the Unlimited Plan enabled, you'll be able to make your listing live again at any time!

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