What's the deal with the order in which businesses display when clients search for them? The answer has nothing to do with popularity or business name, and everything to do with data. 🤓

Schedulicity's goal is to connect consumers with service providers near them. Because of this, our Marketplace search results list businesses in order of the closest to the searcher's current location. Or, if they have location services disabled, the results will be listed in proximity to the "City Center" which is determined by Google. Businesses closest to the city center are listed first, followed by the next closest business, until it's covered a 30 mile radius of the city. 

Clients can also search for your business directly by searching for your name or the business name in the search results, as well as key search terms that relate to your business. Woohoo!

What's Next?

  • I can add key search terms? You sure can!

  • My business address needs to be updated, how do I do that? It's easy!

  • Can I add Schedulicity to my business website and have clients book from there? For sure!

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