When you add a picture to a provider profile, that picture and the provider's name will display on your Schedulicity business listing for clients. If you are the admin for the account, here's how you can add that picture:

  1. Open the Settings area in the Schedulicity dashboard
  2. Click on the Providers/Instructors tile
  3. Then choose the provider whose information you’d like to edit from the list
  4. Click “change image” 
  5. Choose the “Browse” button to select the image from your computer and then click the "change image" button. We recommend a size of 200 x 200 pixels so that your image does not appear distorted on the client side.
  6. Finally, select "change image" again

If you are not the admin for a shared Schedulicity account, you can share these steps with the person who is, and they can help you add your picture! 

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