We love Instagram! Sharing your Instagram photos to your business listing is an awesome way to give your clients a visual example of what you offer and to show them your talent before they even reach your door, or even just to brighten up your main Schedulicity page! If you're wanting to share some Instagram love on your Schedulicity business listing, walk through these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Marketing tab in the Schedulicity dashboard
  2. Select the Business Listing tile
  3. Scroll down to the Instagram area and click the “Connect To Instagram” button
  4. Choose the “Enable Instagram” button
  5. Log into your Instagram account

As a heads up... Since there isn't an option to filter the photos that display using hashtags, we recommend connecting a business Instagram account, rather than a personal account, as the 25 most recent photos are going to display. Also, videos aren't currently supported, so if there is a video in the most recent 25, it will show a blank image in its place. 👌 

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