If you're seeing a "Special Offers" tab on your Schedulicity business listing, then it sounds like you might have activated the Fill My Book feature somewhere along the way. This was a feature built because folks wanted help in filling the empty spots on their calendar that were going unbooked. 

Essentially, we will take a look at your availability for the upcoming week and then automatically generate weekly offers to try and fill up those empty spots. 

We do have a small booking fee as we helped market the deal to fill in that appointment, but if a spot isn't filled, and we don't bring you revenue, then it is no cost to you! The hope is that you can pull in a last minute booking and generate some money on what would have been lost time.

With that in mind, if you would rather not offer these Fill My Book deals, here's how to turn this off in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Click the three lines in the upper left corner and open the Marketing tab

  2. Select the Fill My Book tile

  3. Select the "Edit" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen

  4. Make sure that the "Advertise special offers on my business listing at Schedulicity.com" is UNchecked. Save your changes!

  5. Select the "disable Fill My Book" link

 If you decide you'd like to give it another shot, you can always turn it back on! 👍

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