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Why are we seeing a cookies error message?
Why are we seeing a cookies error message?

Clients seeing cookies error or business seeing enable cookies

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Cookies can be such a pain, can't they? Cookies are required to access most websites these days—like Facebook, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay...etc. While some sites like these and Schedulicity are now moving away from using cookies and instead storing things using local storage, it does come up from time to time. Specifically, Apple's cookie block settings also blocks local and sessions storage, which is needed to access Schedulicity.

The good news here is that it's super simple to get those enabled! Whether you or your client are working from Chrome, Safari, or Firefox simply head to the browser's settings to enable cookies.

We've also found that folks using the Safari browser on their iPhones or iPads can sometimes get a cookies error message if they have their cookies marked to "always block" in their settings. Users receive a callout saying ”Are you sure you want to block all cookies? Websites may not work if you do this”—letting them know some sites will require cookies to be enabled. 

If you've enabled cookies and are still seeing that error message, we may need to also enable cross-site tracking. You'll see that in the same spot where your browser's cookies setting are located. 👍

If your clients are having difficulties accessing Schedulicity, we would be very happy to offer our free customer support to them to investigate this further. Our support email is!

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