There are a couple things to consider when looking to edit a client's text reminder number. First, if the client opted themselves in from their end, the client will need to update their number from their end, so if you aren't seeing the option to change their number, that's why. If you opted the client in from your end though, you'll see the option to update that right within their profile.

With that said, check out the steps below for both possible scenarios. 👇

If you opted your client in to receive appointment text reminders on your end, you can totally make that update right within their client profile. Give these steps a go in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Click on the three lines in the top left, and choose Clients from the menu

  2. Open their client profile page

  3. Within the "Client Text Reminders" section, you'll see they are currently opted in

  4. Click the "change" button here

  5. On the window that pops up next, you'll be able to enter the new phone number and hit "update" (you will need to confirm the client wants to be opted-in once again as well)

Once you hit "update" they'll be opted in with that new number!

If your client opted-in themselves on their end and now they have a new number, or if they maybe entered the wrong number when they opted in, they'll want to edit their number on their end. Good news is, it's really easy! 👇

  1. Select the three lines at the top left of the screen and click My Preferences

  2. At the top of this screen, you'll see the Phone number listed for your text reminders, and you'll see an option to "Edit" this number!

  3. Make your changes, and Save!

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