As you probably already know, when clients book a Fill My Book deal with you on Schedulicity, they are charged for it upfront. Because of that, if a client cannot make their scheduled appointment, we typically recommend that you reschedule the appointment for the client rather than refunding since the booking fee has already been collected for the booking. 

With that said, if refunding is the best experience for you and your client, here is how you can refund that transaction in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Fill My Book appointment on your calendar and open it up

  2. Use the Ticket dropdown arrow to view the visit transactions

  3. From there you can select the “refund” link beside the appropriate transaction to process the refund back to the client.

The client will be refunded the full amount that they paid, while Schedulicity's 10% booking fee will not be refunded to the business the appointment was scheduled with, which is why we really do recommend rescheduling that appointment if at all possible. 👌

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