Don't forget to check out our new Advanced Marketing Option for the ability to setup and send automated birthday emails! 

Check out these steps to send a manual birthday email in the Schedulicity dashboard

  1. Go to the Marketing tab
  2. Select the Email Marketing tile
  3. Select the “new email” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose the template you would like to use
  4. Now, create your message! Add subject, email header, and your content. You also have the option of adding or removing your business logo to the message
  5. Now you can select who you wish to send your message to! Click on the “change” link next to the “To: 0” text under the message header. You will want to select “Clients who have a birthday between these dates.” Enter the dates between which you want the birthday list to populate and select the “update list” button. Select the “save and continue” button when the list has been updated
  6. Once you select your birthday folks, you will then be redirected back to your Email Marketing message. Select the “save & continue” when you are ready to send!
  7. On the next screen, a little checklist will appear for you to be sure you are ready to send! Here you can send yourself a test email message if you wish to check it out before sending
  8. You can then make final changes to your email (edit message) or send it to your clients by pressing "send it!" 

For those of you who are more visual, there is also a video on YouTube for how to walk through these steps that can be viewed here

As always, if at any point you would like to save your work without sending the email, you can simply click "Save Draft." Then you can wrap it up and ship it out when you're ready!

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