Clients can purchase package deals online and see how many sessions they have left! Glad you asked 😺

You have full control over whether or not your packages are available for your clients to purchase. If available for online purchase, clients can choose to add a package deal on the final page of the booking process! You'll need to have our Payment Add-on enabled as clients will be charged the full price of the package deal when booking. Once their visit is confirmed and the package deal is paid for, it will be automatically tied to their client record.

Here's a handy video you can check out if you'd like, that walks through the basic setup process:

A couple things to note: 

  1. If the client is booking a service, class or workshop that is set up to allow for a package bypass, the client will skip payment preferences for their booking and instead will simply pay for the package. 
  2. Packages aren't automatically decremented when clients book online. Instead, you have full control over each session's use and can decrement on your end if the booking applies to the package purchased!

Where can a client check the status on their package deal?

If a client has a package deal tied to their account, they can see all the details of that package right in the My Preferences section of their client account! They'll just need to head over there, look for the column that says "Active Packages" and click on it.

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