Schedulicity is completely free for up to 10 bookings per month! What does that mean for you? Let's break it down:

When a booking is made, it counts towards your 10 bookings for the month. The counter is based on the date the booking is made, so if an appointment is booked for the upcoming month, it will apply to the current month's count. For example, if a client is planning ahead and books a self-care appointment for February 14th on January 28th, this appointment will count towards your account's January bookings. When a booking is made, the counter will go down by the number of services associated with that booking.

Now, if you are creating a recurring series, each appointment will be counted based on when you see the client on the date of their appointment. In other words, if you book an appointment series to occur once a month starting in March, then the first appointment will count towards March, the next one will count towards April, the next towards May, and so on ๐Ÿ“†

Why the difference? We didn't want your month's limit to max out if you book a couple of recurring appointments, which is why we decided to split them up. Also, if you end up canceling an appointment, it won't be counted towards your month, and you will be credited back one on your counter.

Another thing to note is that personal time blocks don't count against your 10 booking limit.ย 

Lastly, if you book multiple services for one client, each of those services counts towards your 10 bookings.

You can manage your booking counter by clicking on the "view appointments" button. If you think that you might need more than 10 bookings, be sure to turn on the Unlimited Plan, then you can book as many appointments as you need in the month!ย 

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