Do you prefer to see your week's appointments all on one page? Or would you rather focus in on one day at a time? Either way, I've got great news for you! 

There are two views on the appointment calendar: the daily view and the weekly view. You can easily toggle back and forth between both!

Daily View

The daily view will show providers' schedules for the specific day side by side. You can view up to 7 providers schedules at one time.

You can get to the daily view by clicking on the day/date along the top of the calendar column. 

Weekly View

Similarly, you can get to the weekly view from the daily view by clicking on a provider's name along the top of the calendar.

The weekly view will show the full week's schedule for just one provider at a time.

You can change up which provider's schedule you're viewing by clicking on their name at the top left corner of the screen. This will open a drop down menu of all providers.


In both appointment calendar views, you can change the date by selecting from the small calendar at the top right of the page or by using the arrows along the top of the calendar.

For those of you more visually inclined, we have a walk through of the Appointment Calendar here.

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