Needing to step away for a bit? Does one of your providers need to head out of town for a few days? Needing to plan for a birthday? 🎉 We've got you covered. 

You can easily mark yourself or your providers out by adding Days Off on their profile. Here's how to do it in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Open the Settings area
  2. Click on the Providers/Instructors tile
  3. Select the provider name from the list
  4. To the right of the "Days Off" header, select the "add" button
  5. Then just select the days which you'd like off right from that mini calendar. Those days will turn blue so you know they're selected.
  6. Lastly, make sure to save your changes to apply these days off!

Once you've added these days off, clients will not be able to book appointments while you or your providers are unavailable. This gives you peace of mind as you plan your time off! 

Looking to only set up a few hours for your lunch break or meetings? Check out this article to learn how.

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