If you or one of your providers is going to have a schedule change starting on a particular date, you can set that up as a future work schedule. This is especially handy if your hours change seasonally, or if you are expecting any upcoming changes in scheduling. Here's how to set that up in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Go to Settings 
  2. Click on the Providers/Instructors tile
  3. Select the service provider whose schedule you would like to add the future schedule to
  4. Select the “add” button beside the Future Schedule text
  5. Pick the date on which you’d like the new schedule to start
  6. Enter the start and end times for the days you will be available
  7. Save your changes!

That will be the schedule continuing from the day you choose, forward. You can create multiple future schedules if that availability will be changing again in the future, which makes it a great tool if you tend to like to plan ahead! 📆 

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