If you are operating in an environment where the providers offer the same service but with a different durations, prices, or clean-up times, you can edit that information per provider. This avoids having to create individual services for providers and makes online booking easier for your clients.

To adjust service settings per provider, go through these steps in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Click the three lines in the upper left and choose the “Settings” option

  2. Select the Providers/Instructors tile

  3. Select the provider whose services you’d like to adjust

  4. Under the “Services offered” heading, select the service you would like to customize*

  5. Make your changes to the duration, clean up time, price, and whether a client can book online

  6. Save your changes!

*Here's where you can also customize the service to have a "Starts At" price—if you happen to have a minimum or variable price for your services. 🙌

If ever you want to remove these customized fields and revert back to the main service duration/price/cleanup time under Settings, simply hit "reset to original values."

If the prices and durations vary by provider, the price and duration will show as a range on the client side. 

For example, if one provider offers a service for $20 and another provider offers the service for $50, the price of that service will show the range of $20-$50. Then, when a service provider is chosen the price associated with them along with the duration will display for the appointment.

What's Next?

  • Double check if everything looks right with these steps.

  • Or if you're more visually inclined, here's a video that walks through how to see what your clients see when booking.

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