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Is Schedulicity HIPAA compliant?
Is Schedulicity HIPAA compliant?
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We love having healthcare and wellness businesses join our community, and we know that some businesses will require a HIPAA compliant software.

Although Schedulicity is not HIPAA compliant, we do take security and privacy very seriously. Here is a list of Schedulicity features to help determine if Schedulicity is a good fit for your business:

  • When your clients schedule online reservations at, they are unable to see any other reservations that exist on your service provider calendar.

  • A client must create a username and password to create an online reservation. A client can see only reservations made using this username and password when they log in at

  • As a service provider, only users with a valid business username and password can access your calendar, reports, and other business information.

  • As either a service provider or client, Schedulicity conducts your entire session across an SSL-encrypted channel.

  • All client demographic and reservation data is stored in a secure database and is accessible only to those with the correct username and password. Keep in mind, this data is not encrypted.

We know there are a lot of elements to HIPAA, so if we can help navigate any of this information and how Schedulicity fits into your business, please reach out to our Support Rockstars!

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