Package Management is a handy feature, where you can sell, manage, and decrement session-based packages for your clients. Packages are a great way for clients to purchase multiple sessions up front, giving you full control of this from the business-side of your account! 

When a client is checked-in to a class or workshop, their packages can be auto-decremented, and you can easily sell and use packages during the checkout for service-based appointments as well. 

How much does the Package Management add-on cost?

If you'd like the option to easily track your clients’ packages on Schedulicity, you can check out our Package Management feature for just $5 per month for single provider accounts and $10 per month for multiple provider accounts. 

For more nifty visual of our Package feature in action, check out the video below:

The Packages add-on also plays really well with our Payment add-on, so check out this article for more information about that option, too! 

For tips on how to best bundle up your packages, read our blog article here.

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