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Why can't my client save their payment method on file during checkout?
Why can't my client save their payment method on file during checkout?

Pay by text, pay by QR code, saving payment method at checkout

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If you are charging a client by text or QR code, they can choose to easily save their payment method for next time! To be sure the correct info is saved for the right client, there are some pieces that need to be in place in order for that option to show:

  • Payment information cannot be saved through Guest Quick Checkout when selling a product or package. A client should be attached to Quick Checkout to save their payment information.

  • The client who is paying from their phone should be logged into their client profile on their device. They won't be able to save their information on file if they are logged in with a different account you have on file.

  • Be sure the client you are checking out has an email on file. This ensures the information is saved to a complete client profile.

  • The client profile should also be synced up with the one in your database.

  • If there are multiple client profiles with the same email, the system will not allow for a client to save their payment method through checkout. This is because the system needs to make sure this important info is saved to the correct client account.

As long as all of these scenarios are in place, a client will be able to save their payment information on file through checkout by text or QR code! You will always be able to add that preferred payment method info directly to a client profile as well.

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