We understand that switching payment processors might feel overwhelming! That's why we want to give you plenty of time to decide your next steps — and to keep those payments flowing.

Going forward, you have the choice between these two options:

Option 1: Switch to Stripe, our preferred payment partner for Canadian businesses

To continue accepting payment using your Schedulicity account, we recommend that you sign up with our payment partner, Stripe. With one flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ for every type of payment, including card-not-present transactions, you won't need to wonder what you're being charged to process.

Option 2: Continue accepting payment through Square's app

You can choose to continue using Square for your business — just keep in mind, it would be outside of Schedulicity, instead of built-in. This means any cards on file will remain in the Square app, and moving forward you’d need to accept payments and collect credit cards through Square directly.

Either way, we have a team of Support Rockstars here to help make the transition as smooth and simple as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at all.

What happens to the client payment information I collected while I was connected with Square?

Right off the bat, any payment information that was stored in Square cannot be shared with Schedulicity because Schedulicity does not store any card information. The information is saved inside the payment processor, securely.

This means that when you're disconnected from Square within your Schedulicity account, those cards will no longer be available within your Schedulicity account. They will, however, still be available directly within your Square account. The information will not be lost once you disconnect from Square—just head over to your Square account to view that info.

If you find yourself needing to charge a card on file, which has not yet been collected in your new processor, you can log directly into your Square account and charge a client from there.

What else do I need to know before switching to Stripe as my payment processor on Schedulicity?

  • Any clients with Auto-billing will need to update their card information to keep their billing cycle on track. If not, the client will be notified via email that the billing failed and they can update that information!

  • Any prepayment, deposit, or hold with a credit card settings will still be in place on your services and/or classes, though clients will be required to re-enter their card one time once the switch is made.

We've added prompts for clients to re-enter their payment information in several different places: during the booking process, when they receive their email confirmations, and at the time of checkout and within their client profile, too!

Our hope is that these enhancements will help you start to regain your client's cards on file within Stripe in no time.

How to disconnect from Square

As each account can only be hooked up to a single payment processor at a time, you will need to disconnect from Square before connecting to Stripe:

  1. Click the three lines in the upper left and select Payments from the menu.

  2. Select the “(disconnect)” button at the top of the page.

  3. Confirm the disconnect by checking the two boxes in the pop-up, then click "disconnect."

Connect to Stripe

  1. Click the three lines in the upper left and open the Payments area

  2. Choose the "Integrations" tab across the top

  3. Then select the “get connected" button for Stripe

  4. This will take you to Stripe's landing page, where you'll want to allow permission for us to work together

  5. From there, you can either log in with your current account or create a new account that will automatically link to your Schedulicity account

If any questions arise, the team is here to help! Click the chat bubble on the bottom right or shoot them an email at support@schedulicity.com.

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