Have an iPhone? Wonderful – you're able to import clients from your Contacts in iOS to your Schedulicity account by following these steps in the Schedulicity business app.

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👉 Before you get going, as a heads-up, this will import every contact from your phone's contact list. You will not have the option to select specific people from your list.

  1. In the Schedulicity business app, navigate to Clients

  2. Tap on the Cloud icon with an arrow pointing up

  3. On the next page, click on "Import Contacts"

  4. If you haven't given permission to Schedulicity to access your contacts, tap "OK" on the pop-up window

  5. From here, Schedulicity will upload your contacts!

If you notice any issues, you'll want to make sure that the Schedulicity business app has permission to access your contacts, which you can allow by accessing System Settings > Schedulicity.

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