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How can I get my clients on board with using Norm, payment by text?
How can I get my clients on board with using Norm, payment by text?
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While so many of our users have been digging Norm, payment by text or QR tender type, we also know that not every client is ready to try something new right off the bat. If you've got a client or two who are wary of using Norm, this one is for you.

Is Norm secure?

If your client is concerned about the security of their payment information when using Norm, you can rest easy letting them know that self-checkout is completely PCI compliant.

Payment information is stored under encryption through Clearent, who is our payment processing partner. If you've used Stripe, then the data is saved with them in the same way. πŸ‘ This means that we at Schedulicity, and you as the business owner, will never be able to see the full payment information of a client. Only the last 4 digits of the card is surfaced.

How do I explain Norm to my clients?

While Norm may seem a bit foreign at first to a cash-paying client, it's likely they have used Venmo, PayPal, Uber, and Amazon, outside of their service with you. Now you can offer the same type of contactless payment.

Norm remembers how your client pays, and doesn't require them to swipe their card at every visit. Instead, your clients can be empowered to complete the checkout securely on their own devices.

Does my client need their phone to use Norm?

Yes, self-checkout is best used when a client has their smart phone with them to pay from. If your client forgets their phone, simply charge the payment method on file if it's saved, or key it in, the rates will be the same!

* Legacy Schedulicity Pay users: You can use Norm at your current card-not-present rate, or we're here to move you to One Rate. Contact us at support@schedulicity to opt in today!

What if my client isn't interested?

Your client absolutely does not need to use Norm when it comes time to pay. Of course, you can always revert to an alternative payment method, like recording a cash or check payment. But we think they should give it a try! They might be surprised how much they like it. ✨

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