So now that you're rocking it out with Norm, our amazingly simple self-checkout feature, you might be wondering how your clients can get their payment information on file beforehand for an even more seamless checkout! Good news—you can totally save a client's payment information on your end, and we also have a handful of ways clients can easily add their payment method 💳

From their client profile in My Preferences

Clients can add their payment information right to their client profile by following these steps:

  1. They’ll log into their Schedulicity profile at

  2. Select the navigation menu in the upper left-hand corner (3 striped lines) and choose “My Preferences”

  3. Find the business they wish to add their payment information to and select the “+ Add a Card” button

  4. Fill in their info and finalize with “Save”

Psst—they can also add a payment method from the Preferences area our handy client Schedulicity apps, too!

After booking an appointment

After a client has completed the booking processes for their (awesome) appointment with you, they'll have the option to add a payment method to make checkout a breeze 🌬️

From a email confirmation or reminder email

If the client doesn't have a payment method saved, we'll also include a link to add their payment method in their appointment confirmation and reminder emails.

From a payment preference booking

You can also set up your Services/Classes/Workshops so that clients are required to pay in full, pay a deposit, or enter payment info to hold the appointment. After booking the appointment, their payment information will be saved for next time 👍

Via the Norm invite email

We've drafted up a super handy invite email you can send out to clients right from your Schedulicity Dashboard or client list page! This email will prompt them to save their payment method now, so they can check out by phone with Norm next time. It will include a link they can click on to take them right to where they can add their payment method.

During the Norm checkout process

If your client doesn't yet have a payment method on file when you go to checkout, not to worry! They can totally add it when going through checkout with Norm. We'll just prompt them to enter their information, and then they can save it for a super speedy checkout next time around.

Once your client has their payment method stored, it'll be even smoother sailing with checkout from here on out!

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