Contactless payment has come in handy more than ever these days. It didn't take a global pandemic for this form of payment to kick off, though. Venmo, Uber, and Apple Pay have been around for quite awhile now, offering us a seemingly magical payment experience. Tap, tap, done. ✨

Here at Schedulicity, we believe the convenience of contactless payment is here to stay. This form of payment is safe, speedy, convenient, and secure-all things synonymous with Schedulicity. And the truth is, we want you to get paid.

If you've ever struggled with a glitchy payment device, we feel your pain.

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That's why we have been hard at work creating a device-free self-checkout option for you and your clients. No glitchy hardware, no extra apps! You initiate the charge on your device while your client completes payment on theirs. Presto! You're paid.

Here are a few more reasons to give Norm a shot:

  • Norm is completely PCI compliant and all payment information is securely stored under encryption via our payment partner Clearent. Those standards get updated as the industry evolves.

  • One low rate with next-day funding!

  • No need to pass a device or card back and forth.

  • 💸 A tip option is built right into the checkout process, which is a great way to increase your tip revenue.

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