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Here at Schedulicity, we're all about making your life easier—why not simplify the checkout process, too? That's where Norm, the shockingly simple mobile payment method, comes into play! We'd love to have you on board, and give you the scoop on why you're going to love the new Norm 😉

What the heck is Norm?

Norm is secure, contactless, and easy. With Norm, clients can save a payment method to their accounts, then pay and tip you straight from their phones. That means skipping the front desk on their way out and never digging for a wallet again. Neat, huh?

How does Norm work? Is it safe?

To use Norm, clients save their preferred payment method to their account just once — either in advance or during their first session at checkout. After that, they can leave their wallets at home. When you choose Norm, Pay by Text or Scan QR Code at checkout, Norm will automatically send transactions to your client's phone via a QR code or a text message, walk them through a tipping screen and approving the total, then process their payment. You’ll get a notification when everything’s finished.

Payment methods are securely stored under encryption via our payment partner Clearent, which has specialized in safely processing credit cards since 2005. For more, read our article about how contactless payment is safe and why The New York Times says that contactless payment methods (like Norm) are “at least as safe as dipping your card in a reader.”

What's a QR code?

Glad you asked! You've probably seen a QR code—it's those funky lookin' square barcodes. A QR code is a “quick response” barcode, which means folks get quick access to a URLs when it is scanned. With Norm, when a client scans the QR code using the camera on their phone, they'll be directed to a checkout screen where (like magic!) they'll complete their purchase completely on their own.

Do I get a device?

Nope! Norm means going 100% device-free—no more glitches or Bluetooth pairing. There’s no additional app or device required for either you or your clients. Your clients will simply pay right from their own phone. Easy peasy!

How is it different from pay with card or card-not-present transactions?

Every Norm transaction is a card-not-present transaction but minus the steep card-not-present processing fees you’re used to paying. Built-in payment processor users get one low rate of 2.5% + $0.15 for each Norm transaction.* (For Stripe users, Stripe’s standard card-not-present rate applies.)

* Legacy Schedulicity Pay users: You can use Norm at your current card-not-present rate, or we're here to move you to One Rate. Contact us at support@schedulicity to opt in today!

Do I have to use Norm? What if I want to use another payment method?

Norm is really just another payment method — albeit one that’s magical You can continue using deposit/prepayment, charging cards on file, keying in cards, or accepting cash/check. Adding Norm to your arsenal means offering an even easier way for your clients to pay. Who doesn’t love that?

This all sounds awesome! How do I get hooked up?

If you use our built-in payment processing (U.S. businesses) or Stripe (Canadian businesses), Norm comes built right into your Schedulicity account. There’s no additional app or device required for you or your customers.

If you still need to apply to our built-in payment processor just take a peek here to get rocking on your application! Once you’re approved, Norm will be right at your fingertips when going through checkout.

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