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Why isn't the text being sent to my client so they can pay?
Why isn't the text being sent to my client so they can pay?

payment text message failing or not received

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If you are connected to a payment processor with Schedulicity, and are sending a text to a client for them to pay here are some pointers so that text can be sent successfully.

Is your client opted in for texts?

  • Your client will need to be opted in for texts with your business, they can do this during the checkout process.

  • If your client is opted out from texts though, they must send, "Resume," to 56368. This is also a good option if the client is unsure if they might have been opted out with any other businesses on Schedulicity.

When was the text sent/charge initiated?

  • The text is active for ten minutes, and if ten minutes have passed, please restart the checkout process.

  • You can also try resending a text to your client. These can be resent after 10 seconds.

How's their wifi or data connection?

  • If you are stuck on the "Waiting for Client" screen, let's be sure there that the wifi/data connection to the phone is strong when the text attempts to deliver. No cell service or a lack of connectivity could be the reason the notification failed to send.

๐Ÿ“ธ You can also choose the option to "Scan QR Code" from checkout instead of sending a text. Then all you'll need to do is have your client open their camera app and hover it over the code which will take them to their payment screen.

If you need a hand, please reach out to support, we're happy to help! Our email is or click the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen.

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