If you offer any service-based packages, the auto-decrement aspect of our package feature seriously simplifies the process of applying a client's package session toward their appointments. For any service-based packages, you'll need to determine what services on your list the package can be used for, and from there Schedulicity takes care of all the rest!

What is Auto-decrement?

When clients with a package on file go online and book their appointment, as long as they're booking a service that their package can be used towards, Schedulicity will recognize that and automatically take away one of their package sessions, applying it to their booking. You'll see this reflected both in their client profile under their active packages, and within the appointment details, where their appointment balance is all settled up! 💵

Setting up Service-Based Packages

Now that Schedulicity is automatically handling that package application for you, it's important to make sure you have all the details dialed in for those service based packages. We'd hate for a client's package to be used for a service it shouldn't be! ❌

Here's how you can set up your service packages to apply to their corresponding services:

  1. Go to Settings and click on the "Packages" tile

  2. Select the package you'd like to work on and then click "Edit"

  3. Under the "Package Category" section, check out the "Applicable Services"

  4. For packages set to apply to services, you'll notice a checkbox beside "all services" which you can select if the package applies to every one of your services

  5. If it only applies to specific services, uncheck that box, and use the drop-down menus (which are a list of each of your services broken down into their service categories) to select the appropriate service(s)

  6. Once you have the services selected make sure to save your changes!

Once you've walked through those steps for all of your service-based packages, you'll be all set to go! Our system will automatically track the sessions clients have used, and you won't need to do a thing. 🛁

What's Next?

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