Our Education Portal, is a great way of accessing all of the handy resources we've built to help you with everything from managing your Schedulicity account to being a successful entrepreneur! You'll be able to access the Education Portal right from within your Schedulicity account by clicking on the graduation cap icon in the main menu. 🎓

Within the Education Portal, you'll have access to:

  • Articles: All of our awesome support articles that break down everything in your Schedulicity account, from the "how to" for setting things up, to the latest and greatest of our most recent release, and even tips for troubleshooting!
  • Tutorials: Let's face it, sometimes it's just nice to watch a video and have someone explain how to do something step-by-step. And no-one is better at walking you through the basics than our *almost* famous Jamie! Check out all her tutorials about getting your account set up from the Tutorials tile.
  • Podcasts: All of our Town Hall meetings put into a podcast format for easy listening on the go!
  • Webinars: Full recordings of all of our Town Hall meetings where we guest-star successful entrepreneurs who chat about everything from cutting costs and making hard business decisions, to staying resilient and building a community.
  • Blogs: All kinds of goodies live in these blogs! From price comparisons for credit card processing, to how to engage your clients with birthday emails!
  • Plan Pricing: Have a peek at the breakdown for our pricing when it comes to add-ons, power-ups, and all the goodness!
  • Status Page: A quick and easy way to check to see if Schedulicity is experiencing any issues.

Be sure to take a look, and get your degree in Schedulicity! 📜

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