Let’s face it, we know people are more tied to their text messages and that’s why Schedulicity offers Client Text Reminders. They help hold your clients accountable for their bookings and reduce your chances of a disappointing no-show. Talk about a win!

While we do offer the ability to update the client email reminders, the text reminders are sent right from our system and have a little less flexibility. Specifically, we are limited on the character count, and because of this we don't offer customization and instead keep things simple and to the point!

Here's a peek at what your clients will get for their text reminders:

The good news for customization is that you can rock that out in your email reminders! We have so much more room and flexibility when it comes to email reminders, so if you have specific pre-care instructions or policies you'd like clients to be aware of before they come in for an appointment, that is a great place for that info!

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