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How do I take my business/classes online?
How do I take my business/classes online?

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We are seeing many businesses take their appointments and classes online, using video conferencing platforms. While there are several options out there—such as Google Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom—you'll want to be sure to find the one that's best for you and your business. All three are great solutions for setting up a video meeting with a client or sharing a link to an online video with your class roster. 

To share a Zoom or Google Hangout link with your class, you can do that by going through the class roster directly. You'll then see the option to email all the clients on the roster like this. 👇 

If you have an upcoming appointment with a client, and you'd like to email them a link for a video chat or share a link to a video, you can email them by going directly to their client profile and clicking on their email address. 👍

Updating Your Custom Message for Client Email Notifications

If you are going to give online classes/appointments a try, it may be helpful to update the custom message that clients see in their booking confirmation emails and email reminders. This is a great way to re-confirm with clients that you are online and expect an email soon with the video link for their class or appointment.

Online Payments and Collecting Credit Cards to Hold Appointments/Classes

If you aren't already, you can also start collecting clients online through these more remote times. Whether you're getting those super-low processing rates using our built-in payment processor, or Stripe account, you can set up your services/classes/workshops, so clients are required to pay in full at the time of booking, pay a deposit, or enter credit card info to hold the appointment/class. Check out our article here to get things started! 

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