Want access to even more information regarding your credit card transactions?

We've got you covered! Compass is our partner, Clearent's, transaction and deposit reporting program to find out all of your deposits, transactions, processing fees, tax documents and statements. Reach out to support@schedulicity.com and we'll make sure you are all set up with login information.

Once we get you access, you'll be getting two emails from clearent.noreply@clearent.com to your Admin email with a link to create your account. In order to set that up you'll need your MID which you'll find under your Payment tab on the full site. Once you set up your username and password you'll receive a confirmation email within the hour to access your new account. Feel free to bookmark this page for easy access: https://my.clearent.net/.

Once you land on the Home screen, you will immediately see a section titled “Today’s Stats” which give you immediate access to the following:

Last Deposit Amount · Yesterday’s Total Sales · Year-to-Date Volume · Sales Volume

From the Home screen you’ll be able to navigate to the following:

Batches - View daily volume, business stats, and access detailed batch and transaction information by location

Transactions - View and search transaction information across all terminals

Funding - Complete view of deposits and withdrawal information including daily processing fees and the bank account they will be deposited in

Chargebacks - Complete view of chargeback details

Statements & Tax Forms - Easily access individual statements and/or tax forms

*Your batch for the day’s transactions are settled at 11:59pm (your timezone) each day.


  • Complete view of deposits and withdrawal information (You can customize date range as needed)

  • You will find your daily batch processing fees on the expanded view of the batch (see screenshot below)

  • You will also find your last four (4) numbers of the bank account attached to your account for deposits

Be sure to reach out to us or Clearent if you have any questions at all. We want to make sure you're equipped with all the tools you need to be successful and confident with your business. Here's Clearent's contact info in case you need it! 👇

Clearent: (844) 721-7300

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