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How do I access Clearent's reporting platform?
How do I access Clearent's reporting platform?

Finding deposits and processing fees in Clearent, update bank account, change my bank account

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🗺️ Use Clearent's online platform, to see deposits, transactions, processing fees, tax documents, and statements.

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How do I get access?

  1. Contact Customer Support Team to get setup. Login here if you already have access.

  2. You'll get two emails from with a link to create your account.

  3. For set up you'll need your Merchant ID -> found under Settings -> Payments

  4. Create your username and password -> then you'll receive a confirmation email (can take up to 1 hour) to access the portal

  5. Bookmark this page for easy access in the future:

What information can I find in Clearent's portal?

Via the home screen, you'll see a section titled Today’s Stats which gives you access to the following:

  • Last Deposit Amount

  • Yesterday’s Total Sales

  • Year-to-Date Volume

  • Sales Volume

Via the Home screen -> find the following:

  • Batches: View daily volume, business stats, and access detailed batch and transaction information by location

  • Transactions: View and search transaction information

  • Funding: Deposit and withdrawal information, includes processing fees and the bank account for deposit

  • Chargebacks - Complete view of chargeback details

  • Statements & Tax Forms: Access monthly statements or 1099-K tax forms

*Batches are settled at 11:59pm (your timezone) each day.

More on Daily Funding:

  • Via the Funding tab -> View deposits and withdrawals information (customize date range as needed)

  • Find daily batch processing fees -> click on the deposit for the expanded view -> to see the transactions included in the batch

  • Find your last four (4) digits of the bank account attached for deposits

How do I find my Monthly Statements & Tax Forms?

  1. Click on Statements & Tax Forms via the menu (on the left)

  2. For Statements -> select the Statement from the list -> download upper right

  3. For Tax Forms -> select the Tax Documents tab -> select desired documents -> download upper right

How do I contact Clearent?

  • Our Customer Support Team is always happy to reach out to Clearent on your behalf

  • Or you can call Clearent @ 855.558.3414

How do I update the Bank Account for deposits?

❗If there are any changes to your legal name or business entity (EIN changed), Clearent will need you to reapply with new Legal and banking information for IRS reporting purposes.

💰 If no legal information has changed, here's how to change banking:

  1. From Compass -> select Account Settings via the menu on the left -> then Bank Account Settings

  2. Click on the green Edit All to start the bank change process

  3. Click Remove -> then Add New Bank Account

  4. Complete the fields with your new banking information -> select all three boxes at the bottom (Deposits, Fees, and Chargebacks)

  5. Upload a copy of your new banking information (see below requirements)

  6. Select Submit at the top left

  7. You'll receive an email from Clearent confirming submission, & another email when the bank change is approved (allow 3-5 business days)

  8. Be on the look out for an email from Clearent if they need to verify the account

❗Clearent only accepts pre-printed voided business checks or a DDA (Demand Deposit Account) Bank Letter. If you don't have pre-printed checks, reach out to your bank and ask for a DDA Bank Letter on bank letterhead, with the full routing number, full account number, and signed by a banking representative.

How long does a bank change take?

  • Bank changes process in about 3-5 business days

  • Funds will continue to deposit into your old bank account -> until new banking is approved

What is a Chargeback (or Disputed Charge)?

  • A chargeback, also known as a Disputed Charge, occurs when a cardholder/client questions a transaction and asks their bank to reverse it.

  • The ability to dispute a payment is meant to protect consumers from unauthorized transactions.

  • When a chargeback happens, disputed funds are withdrawn from the businesses bank account until the card issuer/bank settles the dispute.

  • If the bank rules against the charge, funds are returned to the cardholder/client.

  • If the bank rules in the businesses favor, funds will be returned to the business.

How do I view chargebacks via Clearent?

👉 Click the chargeback tab to view disputed charges. For more information on what to do when you receive a chargeback contact Customer Support for help.

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