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Schedulicity's built-in payment processing FAQs
Schedulicity's built-in payment processing FAQs

Questions about payment processing, credit score, bank account, fees, HSA/FSA, voided check, unqualified, prohibited/unqualified businesses

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We’d love to have you on board with Schedulicity's built-in payment processing! We also understand you may have more questions before diving in, so we've laid out a few of our more frequently asked questions or check out our getting started videos, just to ensure you’re feeling comfy with things before moving forward. 🚗 

How will I know if I’m approved?

Upon approval for payment processing, you'll receive an email from us with the good news! 🥳You can also check on the status of you application by going through Settings in your account to the Payments and Products page.

How will the payment application affect my credit score?

There will simply be a soft credit check, meaning no impact on your credit score. 🙌 

When are my fees taken out of my account?

Any processing fees are taken out daily, which is great for accounting purposes!

What is my bank account information being used for?

In order to ensure funds are deposited into the correct bank account, we will ask for bank account information as part of the application process.

Is my business qualified/unqualified for Schedulicity's built-in payment processor?

At the moment, our payment processor, Clearent, isn't able to qualify businesses offering CBD products, which is not only a roadblock with Clearent but with payment processors across the board. Clearent is also not currently qualifying any businesses offering healing through fortune telling/psychic readings. 

Can I use Schedulicity's built-in payment processor with multiple location accounts?

If you're interested in processing with Schedulicity's built-in option on more than one account, you can apply again in your additional account, essentially creating a whole new processing account.

We're currently working on the ability for our multi-location businesses to be able to connect one processing account to multiple locations. We'll be sure to let our multi-location businesses know when we're ready to release this functionality. 👍

How old do I have to be to apply?


Will I be refunded the fees for the charge that I just returned/refunded?

While any fees processed for a charge would not be returned if a refund is issued to a client, we do have a void option for same-day refunds. To void a same-day charge, you can follow these steps.

Can I process HSA/FSA cards?

Yes, with our built-in processor, you can totally process HSA/FSA cards! Your account should be set up for that and ready to go if you’ve ever accepted them in the past. If you are noticing trouble there, reach out to one of Schedulicity's support rockstars, and we'll get that rolling for you in no time! 😎

What if I don’t have a voided check?

We may ask for a voided check to confirm your banking information and if you don't have access to a check, you could also share a copy of your bank statement with us, showing only your name, account number and routing number. A screen shot of an on-line banking session, including URL and account number would do the do the trick, too, as well as a DDA letter from the bank.

Can I use Apple Pay and Google Pay with Schedulicity's built-in payment processing?

Yes, contactless is available on our iOS and Android apps with card readers. This includes Apple Pay, Google Pay and contactless cards with the contactless symbol.

Clients are also able to checkout via Apple Pay or Google Pay in their mobile browser during the Norm self-checkout flow with our Stripe integration.

Do you have other contactless tender types?

Yes! With Norm, our Pay by Text option, clients can pay and tip through a text or QR Code from their own device. Learn more about Norm here.

Where do I find my merchant ID number?

Clearent, the payment processor we're partnered with for Schedulicity's built-in payment processor, may sometimes ask for your merchant ID number if you ever reach out to them about updating your business info or banking info for deposits. We've made that convenient and handy to grab from right within your Schedulicity account.

If you head to the Payments and Products page of your account, you'll see it right there along the top of the page. Like this. 👇

  1. From the full website (not the iPhone app), click the three blue lines in the upper left and select the Settings tab

  2. Choose the Payments tile

  3. View the Merchant ID number across the top

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