When a client schedules with you online through Schedulicity, their booking does not need to be approved or denied by the business it is scheduled with. This is in place to ensure clients scheduling using our Marketplace Search Portal have a great experience! We would hate for a client to miss the notification that their appointment time was denied and have them show up unexpectedly 😯

A good thing to keep in mind, is that as the business, you have full control over what days and times clients are able to schedule with you, how close to the start time of the appointment they're able to schedule, and how far out into the future they're able to book. If you'd like a full run-down of the scheduling policies you can customize, check out this article.

That said, some businesses have had success with setting their services to "call only," though this does direct clients to call rather than booking online. If that sounds like it might be right up your alley, give this article a read to learn the "how to" on that. 

Another idea would be to add some information onto your business listing letting clients know that when they book, they're only requesting an appointment. Then, from the business side you have the ability to cancel any appointments you're not interested in taking. When any of those appointments do get cancelled, the client will automatically be notified. 📩 

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