Although we're not set up with a true intake form directly within Schedulicity at this time, we do have a little trick to help out in the meantime. If you have all of those forms hosted somewhere (like on your business website, or as a Google doc) you can add a link out to those forms in the automatic email that goes out to clients when they schedule with you. Check out these steps:

  1. Head to Settings and click on the "Policies" tile

  2. Choose "Email Policies" 

Here, you'll be able to customize the message (and add a link out to those forms if you want to try that trick laid out above 👆). Be sure to save any changes you make on this page. 

Just add a note and the link into that email message, and anyone who books with you will automatically get that message. From there they can fill out the forms before they come in for their appointment! 

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