With Schedulicity Pay, we've untangled the complexity that comes with most payment processors. From booking appointments to collecting payments, we've got you covered all in one place.

We have one low credit card processing rate of 2.5% + $0.15, with next day funding included. That's it: no hidden fees, no contracts, and no exceptions. All major credit cards are accepted at all of the same exact rate, from Visa to American Express and everything between. 

Additionally, we have flexible check-out options to help you accept tips, add inventory, customize your prices, and add discounts or taxes. You're allowed to decide when you check out as well – from prepay to deposit to at the time of booking. We have a slick self-checkout option, Norm, for your clients too! From there, you'll get paid quickly with deposits landing the next business day. 

We take security seriously, with air-tight security measures that are continuously monitored and optimized to ensure that your business and personal data are safe. We achieve this with PCI compliance and secure, tokenized transactions that retains essential info while remaining safe from any potential breeches. 

*Currently available in the U.S.

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