Have a client who wants to add an additional service to their already scheduled appointment? No problem at all. 😎

In the same way you're able to add packages or custom items at checkout, we've built in the ability to add a service to an appointment as well. Take a little stroll through these steps to give things a try in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Click on the three lines in the top, left-hand corner and choose Calendar from the menu

  2. Open the appointment you'd like to add the service to

  3. Click the shopping cart icon in the top right to open checkout

  4. On the checkout screen, press the "+ Add Item" button

  5. From the dropdown list, select "Add Service"

  6. Choose the service from the list, or use the search bar to find the one you're looking for! 

Once you've selected a service, you'll be able to continue on through checkout like usual. 👍

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