Ever run a transaction through Schedulicity with your Square POS app and you're not seeing that transaction showing up in Schedulicity? Often, if this is the case, it's very possible that the "New Sale" button wasn't pushed in the Square POS app. That particular button looks like this:

Why? Since Square is a different application from Schedulicity, pushing on the "New Sale" button is Square's way to let Schedulicity know that they've finished up running that payment for you. Since it's Square's button, it can be a lil confusing – you don't necessarily have to make a new sale afterwards, after all! 😉Think of it more as a "Done" button, instead!

If you're curious about what the specific workflow should be to ensure that all of your payments are recorded in Square and Schedulicity, all you'll want to do is follow these steps:

  1. In either your appointment or class/workshop session, select the "checkout" button at the top right

  2. Review the pricing and adjust, if needed!

  3. You can add additional items to charge if you like (like a product), and can add a discount too!

  4. Once you've reviewed your ticket items, click on the "continue" button

  5. Once you click the "continue" button, you'll be taken over to Square. From there, you'll want run through processing the payment in Square POS as usual

  6. On the final page where you'd also email them the receipt, make sure to click "New Sale" at the very end

  7. If this is done successfully, you'll be taken back to the appointment or class/workshop session, which will now have the Transaction included!

Now that you know what to watch for when it comes to future transactions, it's also great to know what to do if you've forgotten to push New Sale for an existing transaction! In this case, we encourage that you record that transaction so that you can manually add that to your Schedulicity records without re-charging the card. Hooray!

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