Have a totally packed schedule? Awesome! 🎉 Fielding voicemails on a busy day because folks are being directed to call you? Eh, not so much. 

With Schedulicity, you're able to customize the note that displays when your schedule is full. This way you can choose between allowing folks to call or simply reassure them that they can book another time. 

Need to change this up? Here's how in the Schedulicity dashboard:

  1. Click on the three lines in the top left, and choose Settings

  2. Click on the "Policies" tile

  3. Then, click on the "Appointment Policies" tile

  4. Under "Unavailability Message," select "Custom Message" and enter in your custom message in the box below. You have the ability to check or uncheck the option to show a phone number, as well.

  5. Save your changes!

Feel free to check out the live preview that's showing to the side of this setting, as well 👀– that way, you can track how this adjustment will look to your clients with ease. 

What's Next?

  • There are many more policies that we offer listed here. Take a peek to see which other ones you can take advantage of.

  • If your schedule's full, maybe it's time to start using our Appointment Waitlist!

  • Want to see what your clients see on their end? Check it out!

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