When it comes to product sales, it's not enough to have a hub to keep an eye on your inventory at a glance – you need some robust reporting, too! This is where our Product Management Report comes into play so that you can keep an eye on your inventory without breaking a sweat.

With our Product Management Report, you're able to keep track of the following information within a certain time range that you set up (up to a year):

  • If something is in stock (down into the negatives, in case something is on back-order)
  • Amount of items sold 
  • The cost of the items sold
  • The price of the items sold
  • Any taxes collected for those items sold

This report is found in the Reports area, so here are some steps to pull and export it so you can play around with all the options! Check it out:

  1. Head to the Main Menu (the 3 lines in the upper left) in the Schedulicity dashboard
  2. Choose Reports from the list
  3. Click into the Product Management report
  4. Set your date range (up to 1 year at a time) or choose a preset time frame from the top of the page
  5. Then, if needed, you can choose to either print or export to Excel in the upper right-hand corner! 
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